Mindset meets action

October 5, 2017 Hotel Lev, Ljubljana, Slovenia
A gathering of passionate people who desire to bring agile approaches to the world through everyday living.

First speakers announced

Keynote speaker
Jenni Jepsen partner at goAgile
Steve Hayes Agile Coach and Change Agent
Riina Hellström Partner at People Geeks Ltd Oy



Empowering people is impossible: the neuroscience of intrinsic motivationby Jenni Jepsen

Agile leaders don’t empower people - they create spaces where people thrive and deliver value faster. It’s up to individuals to feel empowered, not for leaders to empower the individual. How can we create this environment and break old habits that get in the way?

Agile leaders can give control and increase people’s intrinsic motivation by taking advantage of how we are wired – and by increasing technical competence and organisational clarity. Jenni will share the neuroscience of empowerment, as well as how we can re-wire our brains to create new habits that make it possible for us to grow and succeed.

Lessons and Experiences from 15 years of Agile Coachingby Steve Hayes

Effective agile coaches need to learn how to balance many conflicting demands and impulses. Among many other things they need to choose when to be directive and when to sit back, when to emphasize technical skills and when to focus on social concerns, and how to distinguish between the things that need immediate attention and the things that should simply be ignored. And of course they need to do all this without inserting their own (probably substantial) ego, so that the team members remain the rightful owners of their process and their outcomes.

In this session Steve will suggest ways to approach these apparent dilemmas, illustrated with some examples of things that went well, and not so well, in his 15 years of agile coaching experience.

Agile HR is not a walk in the park for rookies by Riina Hellström

Designing people practices for the contemporary organization requires creativity, and HR will need plenty of redesign going towards agile and lean enterprises and digital business models. When speaking about reinventing HR, we need to know and understand the boundaries of the creative space. It is useless to design a flying object without appreciating the boundary of gravity.

Similarly it is useless to reinvent organizations and people practices without knowing the (boring) legal and administrative restrictions in each country and without understanding where the organization is at now. So many Agile professionals are redesigning people practices, but driving full speed into structures created for the industrial era. Riina's guidance will leave you with (important) questions and clear thoughts for taking action towards Agile HR.