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Paolo Sammicheli is an Italian entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience who works as an Agile Business Coach specialized in Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking, helping European companies to uncover better ways of building products.

He's the author of the book "Scrum for Hardware" available on Leanpub and on paper through Amazon, a nominated TEDx speaker who normally speaks in important European and American conferences, and a Licensed Trainer for Scrum @ Scale and Management 3.0. Passion about Technology, Innovation, Mobile, Online Communities, Free Software, Communication, Design, Marketing, Startups, Entrepreneurship and dancing Tango.

Scrum for Hardware

How to use Scrum to create complex and innovative products?

In this talk, you’ll see how to use Scrum to develop complex product composed by Software, Electronics, Mechanics, Engines, and Plastics. You'll hear the stories of the pioneer of Scrum for Hardware, from Wikispeed to the first Scrum for Hardware Gathering and the Agile Product Charter.  The discussion will include how to produce physical products using the same Scrum methods that Agile software teams have benefited from for years, how to spark product and hardware innovation through iterative sprint cadence and the secrets of companies that have made the jump from Agile prototyping to true Agile manufacturing.

Extract from the Scrum for Hardware foreword: «This book is the first significant publication on the topic, the most complete and authoritative. If the Agile transformation of the Software industry has any parallels outside that field, and if the current client adoption rate is any indication, this book will be the reference for executives, shop floor managers, and team members globally» Joe Justice - Creator of Scrum for Hardware and eXtreme Manufacturing.

/ Saturday, 25. 8. 2018

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/ Wednesday, 8. 8. 2018

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Agile organizations excel at both stability and dynamism.

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