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Omar Dalgamuni

User Experience Manager, NiceLabel

About Omar

I am a Software Developer and I specialize in building interfaces. I build high-quality, useful, effective and visually compelling user interfaces for desktop and web systems.

I combine my programming skills with a solid knowledge in User Experience design. I apply Human-Computer Interaction design principles in almost everything I work on.

I am motivated and always try to improve my skills and expand my knowledge. There are always new ways to improve the design of products and services. I thrive in a team-based cooperative development processes. I hold multiple roles during the project life-cycle and help coordinate between Engineering and other departments. 

The path from agile technology driven company to trustworthy customer centric global organization

Agile, ISO, User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) can all work together. You might think that it is crazy and they are unrelated or incompatible. Someone can argue that Agile is about rapid improvement, while  ISO is about compliance, huge documents, and lengthy process.

We want to tell you why, in order to grow in a regulated market, you as a company need to be agile, your processes regulated, and your products and services need to be customer focused.

Agile is a mindset. ISO is about trust, risk management, and process. CX is about growth. Your happy customers are your future revenue stream that generates new opportunities, references. Combine all 3 of them, and you get a recipe for success.

Omar And Andrej will share their experience through the years of growth that lead us to ISO 9000 and how they managed to align it well with their agile processes.

/ Wednesday, 4. 9. 2019

Interview with Aljaž Vindiš, design lead at 3fs

For the last 10 years, Aljaž has been working at the intersection of technology and design, in physical and digital mediums alike.

/ Tuesday, 27. 8. 2019

Interview with Andrea Provaglio, agile coach

We talked with Andrea Provaglio, agile coach, that helps teams and managers to rethink their organizational dynamics, mindset, processes, and practices so that they can do business effectively in the 21st century.

/ Tuesday, 13. 8. 2019

“We have a weird passion for running into walls.”

We talked with Rico and Jan, Innovation Facilitator Managers at Roche. They are part of the team that is transforming the swiss affiliate into an agile organization. By giving the example of Roche's swiss affiliate agile transformation journey, both can outline how to start a transformation with more than 160 people.

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