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Marcin Floryan

Director of Engineering at Spotify


A passionate technology leader creating an environment where people can apply their skills and experience working together towards a shared goal. Care about sustainable, continuous and frequent delivery of value and help teams take pride in the quality of the solutions they build. Sees engineering teams as complex adaptive systems and thus works by applying principles and practices from the domains of agile, lean, systems thinking, and similar to allow for the desirable outcomes to emerge in presence of sensible guiding constraints.

Striving to be an inclusive and compassionate leader who cares about creating an environment of psychological safety where failure is encouraged and used as an opportunity to learn, where people can fully be themselves and where diverse opinions are encouraged and conflict seen as a healthy opportunity for learning and growth.

Five reflections for modern leaders

The world is constantly changing. We are finding out that "tried and tested" ways of the past are no longer fit for what lays ahead. The journey is challenging and fun and each one of us has to discover it for ourselves. I have had the good fortune to work with many who inspired my growth. Now I want to share with you the five reflections, five transitions, that were particularly helpful for me, so you don't have to start from scratch. It may be challenging, we may disagree and you may learn something new. Be ready to shift your perspective.

"The best a leader can do is understand the conditions creating a climate of growth and do everything possible to irrigate."
-- Douglas McGregor

/ Monday, 20. 9. 2021

Behind the scenes with Matej Filipović

After experiencing Scrum methodology in many wrong ways, Matej's wish is to help as many teams as possible to improve the understanding and practical execution of this widely used agile method.

/ Tuesday, 14. 9. 2021

Behind the scenes with Mike Leber

"Balance not only plays an essential role for human beings throughout their lifetime. But the way we grow business models and nurture organizational culture only thrives from a balanced kind of intervention and management."
We chatted with Mike Leber, a host workshop facilitator at Agile Slovenia about his views on agile, the effects of the pandemic, and forecasts for the future.

/ Monday, 23. 8. 2021

Behind the scenes with Johanna Rothman

Join us behind the scenes with Johanna Rothman. She is known as the “Pragmatic Manager” as she offers frank advice for your tough problems —often with a little humor.


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