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Laura Klančnik works for BSH, 60.000 employees Home Appliances Group, best known for global brands Bosch, Siemens, and Gaggenau.

She’s on a double mission: helping implement an Agile way of working in a local BSH plant/subsidiary in Slovenia and as part of the team driving global Agile transformation effort on BSH Group level. She brings to the table also 11 years of experience gathered in Philips. Family, work and adrenaline sports are the trinity that makes her tick.

Dos and Don'ts of introducing Agile to Hardware/Industrial organization

The most popular Agile methodology today, Scrum, involves a set of well-developed practices for innovation. While Scrum has its roots in Software development, it did spread to other areas as well. However, Hardware with its longer development cycles and prototyping/production constraints is quite a different beast altogether.

How do you approach Agile Transformation in Hardware/Industrial organization? What are the key challenges and corresponding best practices to tackle them? How do you respond in a global multicultural environment? What is the balance between a “German Engineering command” from the top and grassroot empowerment for the same, Agile cause? Laura will give us an interesting report from the Agile trenches in a respectable engineering company.

Agile Slovenia 2018
/ Wednesday, 28. 11. 2018

Agile Slovenia 2018

This year's Agile conference set up new directions to explore for furthering our common dedication to Agile principles. But as inspiration sets in as motivation, let us not forget the crucial things.

/ Saturday, 25. 8. 2018

HR Goes Agile

Agile isn’t just for tech anymore.

/ Saturday, 25. 8. 2018

Why Agile Is Eating The World

Simply put, it’s Agile, not just software, that is eating the world.

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