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Jan Zerkowski

Innovation Facilitator, Roche

About Jan

Jan is Project Coordinator for Future Products & Innovation Facilitator Manager at Roche. Together with Rico Gessner, he is part of the team tasked with transforming the swiss affiliate into an agile organisation. Experiencing agile methodologies with the teams in concrete business examples is key to prompt a mindset change. By giving the example of Roche's swiss affiliate agile transformation journey, both can outline how to start a transformation with more than 160 people.

The Agility Bootcamp

Rico and I will talk about how we started the agile transformation in our organization by developing a scalable model that on-boards people on Agile Methodologies which creates the foundation and interest for people to take charge themselves and become leaders in the transformation process. We believe our way creates one thing that most transformations lack and therefore fail, sustainability. This is not rocket science. Everyone can do it. The reason most people don't is that they lack the crucial thing in Life and Business itself. Mindset. You need to instill and reinforce it with everything you do.

/ Tuesday, 1. 10. 2019

Interview with Alize Hofmeester, keynote speaker

As an entrepreneur, founder of the People Journey Circle© and active member of several global agility communities, Alize now is a senior advisor for establishing company-wide ‘agility’. She helps companies to unlock the human potential in their organization and how to invite people to collaborate and connect.

/ Thursday, 26. 9. 2019

Interview with Paolo Sammicheli, Agile and Business Coach

Paolo Sammicheli, the author of the book "Scrum for Hardware", works as an Agile Business Coach specialized in Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup, and Design Thinking.

/ Tuesday, 10. 9. 2019

After summer agile reading recommendations

Our CorpoHub team is crazy about reading and we have a constantly growing library in our office. We’ve read several good books related to agile during the summer and if you’re an agile geek like we are, you will love this agile reading list below.

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