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Diana Russo is HR & Organizational Innovator, Advisor by Doing, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, and Author.

After more than 10 years in various HR management roles, always in a dynamic and international environment, leading HR teams and being part of the management team, Diana started her own company in 2009. Initially focussing on more traditional HR topics like Strategic HR, Employer Branding and the use of social media & digitalization in organizations, she soon realized that there was a fundamental change taking place that would drastically transform the way we organize work and design organizations.  

In the past years, she focussed her activities in helping HR and organizations in their transition from ‘pyramid’ (traditional) to ‘pizza’ (agile) - organisations. With her experience and evidence based model about The 12 ingredients of Agile Organizations, she inspires and helps HR, leadership (and students!) to get moving and take the lead in the transition to a future proof organization. 

“It’s about time that HR embraces agile: helping the organisation to understand the impact of the fast changing environment, leading the transition/scale up to a future proof organization and using agile ways of working in HR operations… Great opportunities and no time to waste! Let’s get moving, HR!” 

The 12 ingredients of Agile Organizations

And why you can’t just leave one out!

To become (more) agile is a hot topic for many organizations. The way we organized work until now seemed to make sense for a long time, but we start to realize that we drastically need to renew and transform our perspective on organizations, people and ways of working. 

Why do these traditional ways of organizing work not fit anymore?  Why is it necessary to transform from pyramid to pizza (agile) organizations? And why is it not enough to just introduce agile ways of working, like Scrum, Kanban or Design Sprints, to keep up with these rapid changes? 

After years of helping HR and organizations to transform and spending a lot of time ‘in the kitchen’ of organizations, Diana Russo found the ingredients that make up an agile organization. Using the metaphor of pizza’s, she will present in this keynote ‘The 12 ingredients of Agile Organizations’, the four related agility themes and why you can’t just leave out one of the ingredients. 

She will share her experience in how and where to start (and where not) and the impact this transformation has on people, leadership roles and HR.

Enough to talk about! You will walk away from this talk inspired and energized: eager to discover the best (pizza) recipe for your organization!

/ Wednesday, 3. 7. 2019

The global state of agile in 2019

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/ Thursday, 27. 6. 2019

The story behind the Agile Slovenia conference


Interview with the Agile Slovenia conference founder, coach and trainer Voranc Kutnik.

/ Monday, 10. 6. 2019

Growth of Scrum culture

Interview with Zuzana Sochova, Scrum Alliance certified trainer and lead organizer of Agile Prague Conference.

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