/ 25. 8. 2018

HR Goes Agile

Upward feedback from employees to team leaders is valued in agile organizations.

In their Harvard Business Review article, Peter Cappelli and Anna Tavis provide many examples of how HR is going "agile lite."

    It’s a move away from a rules- and planning-based approach toward a simpler and faster model driven by feedback from participants.

    HR has not had to change in recent decades nearly as much as have the line operations it supports. But now that the pressure is on, it is much harder to cling to old talent practices. They indicated that the movement towards Agile HR is most evident in these areas:

    • Performance Appraisals
    • Compensation
    • Learning and Development
    • Management and Supervision
    • Teams

    It is clear that in this new world HR is challenged to transform in order to become more Agile in itself and assist the organisation with becoming Agile as a whole.

    Source: Harward Business Review

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