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/ 3. 7. 2019

The global state of agile in 2019

The State of Agile has launched the report - state of agile 2019 in May and we prepared a summary of takeaways for you. 

97% of respondents report their organization’s practices agile development methods - the last time to hop on the agile train really is now. Key global takeaways from the 13th annual report are that scrum is still the most used agile method all over the world and the organizational culture is still the main barrier in adopting and scaling agile and main reason to adopt agile are lowered costs.
The most valuable practice when adopting agile practices are internal agile coaches and company provided training.

Scrum - the most widely practiced agile method

Scrum is again reported as the most widely-practiced agile “methodology”, with at least 72% of respondents practicing Scrum or a hybrid that includes Scrum. 30% report that SAFe® is the approach their organization follows most closely, with Scrum of Scrums coming in a distant second.

Importance of organizational culture

Once again, the survey responses indicate that organization cultural issues remain the leading impediments to adopting and scaling agile. General resistance to change, inadequate management support and sponsorship, and organizational culture that is at odds with agile values rank as the top three challenges.

The main reason for agile are lowered costs

The new report shows a 71 % increase in project cost reduction as a primary reason to adopt agile, while 27 % increase in the reduction in project costs as a key benefit of agile. The adoption of agile has a bigger focus on reducing project costs and improving team morale - and is less about increasing productivity and reducing risk in comparison to the year before.

When scaling agile, one must invest for success

The most valuable for scaling agile practices are internal agile coaches, executive sponsorship and company provided training, which proves commitment towards agile success.

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