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/ 9. 7. 2019

Collection of TEDx talks, related to agile

We found talks related to agile leadership, agile working, agile management and even an example of using scrum in your family life.

Agile leadership by Emily Philips, where she outlines the benefits of not being afraid of what you don’t know and the advantages of living life as a leader in our community.


Agile working by Anne Cantelo. She does not believe that going to the office every day is a productive way to work. She believes that we need an agile revolution, which will not only help our productivity but also our communities, wellbeing, and health.


Agile management for everyone by Berthhold Barth, a story of scrum master, that shares his experience with Scrum and how this beautiful tool boosted their productivity.


Empowering your kids with Scrum by Frank de Wit, who shares his learnings which he and his wife had while using Scrum at home and thereby empowering their kids.

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Conference / 13. 8. 2019

“We have a weird passion for running into walls.”

We talked with Rico and Jan, Innovation Facilitator Managers at Roche. They are part of the team that is transforming the swiss affiliate into an agile organization. By giving the example of Roche's swiss affiliate agile transformation journey, both can outline how to start a transformation with more than 160 people.

Management / 30. 7. 2019

Agile transformation - why and when?

Many organizations are struggling to apply the concepts of Agile because they view Agile as a new way of doing the same old thing. However, in our experience, leading a large-scale Agile Transformation isn’t about simply adopting a new set of attitudes, processes, and behaviors at the team level—it’s about changing your mindset.

Management / 9. 7. 2019

Collection of TEDx talks, related to agile

We are big fans of TED talks and TEDx events - and that is why we collected several TEDx talks, that we like and talk about agile.

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