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/ 10. 9. 2019

After summer agile reading recommendations

Our CorpoHub team is crazy about reading and we have a constantly growing library in our office. We’ve read several good books related to agile during the summer and if you’re an agile geek like we are, you will love this agile reading list below.

AGILE PEOPLE by Pia Maria Thoren

Agile HR is a hot term that is following the trend of agile. With HR being recognized as the most important pillar in agile transformation, this management consultant is sharing, how can you create a mindset change in management and HR with tools that facilitate employee drive and performance.

AN EVERYONE CULTURE: Becoming a deliberately developmental organization by Robert Kegan

We are a big fan of this American psychologist, Harvard professor and author of Immunity to change. With his bold and out of the box view, he is challenging the way companies operate and ask the question - how things might be if companies placed their focus on growing the capabilities of all of its employees through personal development and real company-wide teamwork?


When you’re looking for a book that will present you scrum in a light way with full of stories and practical examples, this is the book. Light reading that manages to inspire you about scrum and a must-read for everyone stepping in scrum world.

THE AGE OF AGILE: How smart companies are transforming the way work gets done by Stephen Denning

Most companies are not born agile, so how do you transform them? How do you switch to agile management, overcome constraints, embrace the new mindset, employ meaningful metrics and the entire organization agile?

AGILE COACHING by Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley

Learn from practical experiences and examples of working with teams. How should you work with people to create great agile teams? How can you support the team to produce great software while being self-organized? Which skills does the team need and how can you create an atmosphere that is fun and relaxed, yet efficient?

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