The next event will take place on 25 - 28 October 2022.

Agile Practices Workshop

OCTOBER 28, 2022

A tsunami of A-HA moments! 

Three valuable simulations of Agile methodologies, which will change your perspective on day-to-day job and can be implemented in your team/organization anytime.

Reading and hearing about Agile methods and best practices is great. But experiencing them in a safe environment, through a game, that’s where the learning really starts. 

In this full-day training, we cover key aspects of the Agile way of work through three simulations in the following order:

  • Kanban - pizza game
  • Business Value Game
  • Agile balls

Training is held in person only, with 12-16 participants for maximum value for each participant.

Each simulation begins with a short introduction of the subject and ends with a debrief, where we look at the key learnings.

Kanban - pizza game

Kanban is a method or a tool where we visualize workflow in a fully transparent way, with an aim to improve the work process. 
With this gamification of Kanban, participants get to know how they can move from an existing process to a more effective Kanban system. They learn how to visualize it and start changing/improving it.
What does pizza have to do with Kanban? You’d be surprised how widely and easily Kanban can be used. 

Business value game

Agile teams want to deliver maximum business value. In the business value game, we simulate Scrum and prioritize backlog based on business value.
How can you estimate business value? How do you decide between stories? How do you decide between projects? How do you decide between clients? This game gives you some simple business value estimation techniques that are “good enough” for everyday use.
The goal of the game is to deliver as much value to the customer as possible. We provide the clients and their wishes. We suggest the techniques to estimate business value. The rest is up to you.

Agile balls

Importance of team learning and delivering value in quick iterations. 
Agile & Scrum are currently one of the hottest topics in the world, not just in IT. Luckily there is a fun way to experience the basic principles and values of the Agile world. This fun team exercise offers a complete simulation of the agile way of work: planning, execution, inspection, and adaptation of teamwork, based on previous results, retrospective and quick iterations.

About the trainers

Enej Gradišek - Design Sprint evangelist, Certified ScrumMaster®, and mentor. Helping you discover the right customer-value fit. Doing the right thing before doing it right.

Vlado Begović - An optimist by heart, great communicator, and experienced workshop master. Certified Chief Innovation Officer. Inspired by agile and lean approaches.

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We'll put your name on a praying board and sing you agilelujah.

/ Monday, 20. 9. 2021

Behind the scenes with Matej Filipović

After experiencing Scrum methodology in many wrong ways, Matej's wish is to help as many teams as possible to improve the understanding and practical execution of this widely used agile method.

/ Tuesday, 14. 9. 2021

Behind the scenes with Mike Leber

"Balance not only plays an essential role for human beings throughout their lifetime. But the way we grow business models and nurture organizational culture only thrives from a balanced kind of intervention and management."
We chatted with Mike Leber, a host workshop facilitator at Agile Slovenia about his views on agile, the effects of the pandemic, and forecasts for the future.

/ Monday, 23. 8. 2021

Behind the scenes with Johanna Rothman

Join us behind the scenes with Johanna Rothman. She is known as the “Pragmatic Manager” as she offers frank advice for your tough problems —often with a little humor.

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